Escaping Freedom, 2021
19 5 月 2021

Society is always setting rules for people in regards to sexuality. People are required to be the gender that  they are physically having, just like everyone is taught to have a correct political stand since they were born. For example, when a man shows his vulnerability to others, like crying in public, revealing fear in front of people, or showing signs of grievance, people will preach that his behaviour is ashamed because it is against the traditional notions of masculinity people’s minds. Other than that, if a man starts to put makeups on and wear girlish clothing and splendour accessories, people will deliver a strange gaze or even eyeball him directly. With my further understanding of masculinity, traditional masculinity and femininity no longer have a distinct notion in my mind, and people can’t define gender by naked eyes. 

In Ways of Seeing, Berger states that how people see their cognition and belief control stuff. What we see is what we are actually looking at, as well as things that are connected to it. However, over time until the emerging visual images, people’s visions are overloaded with tons of visual information. Gradually, people’s perceptions towards gender started to change by images.