Hanger, 2023
17 2 月 2023

The installation artwork “Hanger” is a captivating exploration of the delicate balance between urban infrastructure and the human need for public space and a sense of order in the midst of chaos. As modern cities continue to expand and evolve, public installations, architectural communities, and other artificial landscapes are constantly being constructed, creating a dual physical and perceptual overlay on the natural landscape. “Hanger” seeks to capture this intricate interplay between the constructed and the organic, the urban and the natural, by immersing the viewer in a world of surreal and unexpected juxtapositions.

The interplay between the stainless steel and cotton thread in “Hanger” represents the intricate relationship between human ingenuity and the built environment. The stainless steel, a symbol of urban architecture, is often associated with rigidity and strength, while the cotton thread, a delicate and pliable material, represents the creativity and adaptability of human beings. By using these materials to create a structure that challenges traditional notions of space and balance, “Hanger” encourages us to think critically about the way we inhabit our surroundings and the impact that our built environment has on our daily lives.

As Plato said, “Order is the result of wisdom,” and “Hanger” invites us to consider how wisdom can be used to create a more harmonious relationship between people and their built environment. Whether we are city dwellers navigating a complex urban landscape or rural residents connecting with the natural world, “Hanger” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of balance, innovation, and creativity in our daily lives.